Contract manufacturing of PVOH, PVAC and EVOH

There are many good reasons to outsource (partially) your blending production to Intercol. It is a growing trend for companies to decide to transfer responsibility for non-core production to external partners who have specific know-how and an efficient production process. Intercol has proven to several companies that we are a strong partner in Western Europe.

Use our experience!


state-of-the-art analytical options
well-equipped QC laboratory;
energetic staff;
Process and product development
Mix and blend

low viscosity waxes
Highly viscous mixtures of (thermoplastic) polymers
Mixing rubber-based compounds
Diluting and mixing powders in water
Mixing of polymer dispersions;
Mixing of polyurethanes (e.g. casting compounds)
Assembly of thermoplastic products (e.g. hot melt adhesives)

Powder prills;
Pastillation of products
Granulating products
Emulsions and dispersions

all water based;
Waxes, resins or polymers;
Storage capacity, experience and advice on the implementation of central adhesive systems at the customer
Delivery in 23-ton tank trucks, 1 mt ibc, 200 kg PE drums