The company Intercol bv was founded in December 1972 by Mr. Hermann Barentz and integrated into the Barentz Group.

1970s: Mr. Barentz in front of the administration building

As the Barentz Group developed into a specialist in raw material supply in the life science production fields of food / pet food / pharmaceuticals and focused on the core business, Steven de Jong, who has been Managing Director of Intercol since 1990, took over the company in 2013.

January 2021: The new finished goods warehouse goes into operation

Over the past 49 years, Intercol bv has grown organically into a strong, reliable partner for industrial adhesive applications. Started in the 70s with 200m² of production space, today 6000m² are available for development, production and logistics. The new finished goods warehouse with an additional storage capacity of 1000t was last put into operation at the turn of the year 2021.

Intercol bv in January 2021 - view Marconistraat Ede

The growth is reflected in the sales development: in the last 20 years the number has doubled. 45 employees, concentrated in the areas of R&D, application technology / sales and production, currently generate 19 million euros per year.

Glue laboratory

Intercol bv today - partner for adhesive applications

With the understanding of considering every specific adhesive application for perfect customer care, we see an adhesive process as a combination of the factors machine technology - adhesive application technology - substrates to be bonded and the adhesive that is perfectly matched to it.
Before we test on production systems, we
In the field, meaningful preliminary tests were carried out in the laboratory.
This makes it possible to present the types from a large selection that can technologically and economically meet the requirements to the fullest satisfaction.

Then, if requested, we will accompany test runs on the systems that will be used later with experienced application technicians: In exchange with processing experts on site, an optimal setting of the production system and glue application technology is quickly found, and a convincing result can be seen after a short time:

Perfect adhesive results with a convincing price / performance ratio

Adhesive manufacturer Intercol
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