Contract manufacturing Reliable and innovative

Contract manufacturing of coatings, glues and adhesives

Would you like to concentrate on your core business and outsource part of your production? Or do you need help with the formulation? Do you keep up to date with legal documents, TDS, SDS, and raw material sourcing? You can rely on our experience. Intercol has proven to many well-known partners that contract manufacturing has increased their sales and profits.

Our services cover a wide range of technologies including the formulation of coatings and adhesives and other aqueous emulsions. The products can be supplied in liquid form and in industrial packaging.

Processing and blending

GMP environment suitable for food packaging applications
Mixing of water-based coating and adhesive formulations;
Production of aqueous solutions and slurries.

R&D services

We have state-of-the-art analysis capabilities, including DSC, FTIR, rheology, viscosity, solids and other specialty systems. Our R&D department has a full range of testing facilities.
Our production departments are supported by our QC laboratories;
Process development engineers have experience with advanced pilot production systems for e.g. B. Mixing, emulsifying, dispersing and dissolving

Contract manufacturing of coatings, glues and adhesives